Standard Translation

Standard translations accurately convey the original text. This is what a "standard" translation is. If you need a high-quality translation of vital documents for business or personal use, but don't need certification, this form of translation is ideal.

Our standard translations are provided in editable Microsoft Word format for your convenience (DOCX). After that, you're free to edit, format, and personalize the translation however you see fit. Requesting a formatted file such as Powerpoint or Illustrator allows us to translate right into the formatted file. All our translation services come with free revisions.

A standard translation should be used for documents that have a high level of value but do not require certification, such as employee manuals, creative writings, legal papers, corporate correspondence, and many other types of documents.

All Language Translations is one of the largest online translation service companies in the United States. Thousands of organizations and individuals rely on our translation services each year because we constantly produce high-quality translations at a reasonable price.

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