Certified Translation

Your recipient will need certification to verify that your translation has been completed and is accurate if it is used in an official capacity. The US Immigration (USCIS), universities, courts, and many municipal, state, and federal agencies frequently require this type of translation.

To meet all requirements, the translation must be a word-for-word certified translation of the original. When translating, translators cannot change the meaning of a text or add/remove any text. This need isn't usually obvious for important documents like birth certificates, but it can be for other types of documents that contain whole sentences with greater subtlety. To ensure that the translation accurately reflects the original source material, you need to meet this condition.

In order to meet the accurate criteria, the translation certification must verify that the translation was conducted by a qualified translator fluent in the language pair. We exclusively provide human translations, and all of our employees must meet highest standards. On the certification, an authorized signer attests to this reality. In addition, we offer unlimited free revisions to guarantee that the final translation is perfect.

Additional procedures are taken by our translators to guarantee that your translation packet is accepted by the greatest range of agencies. ATA member number, our phone number, and our firm letterhead appear on every page of all certified translations we give. Additionally, our certification identifies that the translator has no personal or professional relationship with the document's owner, and if necessary, we can have the certification notarized to authenticate the identity of the authorized signer and provide you with the original copies, including wet ink signatures, of the document.

Translation services company ALL Language Translations is among the most popular in the United States. Thousands of organizations and individuals rely on our translation services each year because we constantly produce high-quality translations at a reasonable price.

Signed and stamped certification

Translated by a professional

Delivery starts at 24 hours

Up to 250 words per page

Revisions included

Digital delivery included

USCIS acceptance guaranteed

Notarization, shipping, and expedited turnaround available
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