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Who will be responsible for translating my documents?
We offer only 100% human translation performed by expert translators. Our translators are located throughout the world and normally have a minimum of five years of professional translation experience. Numerous translators hold a variety of accreditations and qualifications, although these vary by translator due to the lack of a universally recognized accreditation or certification for translators.
What is the average time required for translation?
Turnaround time is determined by a variety of factors, including word count, language pair, current demand, translator availability, and the complexity of the source material. In typically, digital delivery of 1-3 page papers (up to 750 words) takes 24 hours or less. Expedited turnaround is available to cut turnaround time in half. Learn more about turnaround times for translations.
Which languages do you specialize in?
Please see our comprehensive list of supported languages. If the language you require is not mentioned, please contact us as we are likely to be able to assist you.
What documents do you translate?
We translate any kind of documents and materials.
Will your translation be accepted?
Our translations are broadly recognised by governments, courts, colleges, and other organizations around the world; nonetheless, it is your obligation to confirm that our translation meets the specific standards of the receiving agency. If you're not sure, send us a list of their criteria and we'll go through it with you. 

We translate for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) on a regular basis and are intimately familiar with their requirements. As a result, we guarantee that USCIS will accept our certified translations.
Is it possible for me to provide notes to my translator?
Yes, during the checkout process, you will see a notes area in which you may put any remarks you'd like our team or your translator to be aware of before the translation begins. Because not all names and places are readily translatable, it is necessary to ensure that they are properly spelled.
Is my information secure?
Your information, including files, is transmitted over SHA-256 with RSA-2048 SSL/TLS encryption, which is the current standard for encryption on the web. Also:

We do not keep a record of your credit card information on our systems. Our processing partners Stripe and PayPal are the only one who handles and stores your information in a PCI compliant environment.
Neither your files nor your personal information will ever be shared with anybody outside of ALT.
In order to protect confidential information, only critical employees with signed NDAs have access to files while orders are in process.
Transferring and storing files are both protected by encryption technology.
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